When I went to request the sample it said they were out or that I didn’t qualify to get the sample.

We sometimes offer exclusive free samples through allyou.com, but often we are scouting out other free samples being offered by other companies. Since most of these samples have no affiliation with All You, we make sure to the best of our ability the requesting process is simple and strait-forward before we post the sample. We want you to trust the sites we find and know they are legitimate, however, since these are not All You sites, we cannot control the quantity of samples, length of the offer or changes to the qualifications for receiving the sample after we post our daily find.


The free sample site won't work for me.

Sometimes theses sites are built with a program called Flash or may have pop-up windows (or both). Make sure you have the Macromedia Flash plug in (it’s a free update that most newer browsers come with, but not all) and you do not block pop-up windows.


I don't have a Facebook account and cannot accept Facebook offers. Why do I have to “Like” a company on Facebook to get the sample?

We strive to find the best free sample offers from around the Web every day and sometimes those samples are found on Facebook. We in no way want to alienate our readers who choose not to use Facebook, but many companies and brands use Facebook as a means of communicating with their audience and to distribute their free samples.


I don't want give my phone number to request a sample.

Most sample sites we promote don't require a phone number but occasionally they do. You should only give the personal information you feel comfortable providing.


I don't want to have my email inbox overrun with newsletters, offers and possibly spam.

We suggest opening a free email account (through Yahoo or Gmail) to use just for entering online sweeps and requesting free samples.


I can’t see the free sample calendar.

If you cannot see the free sample calendar at all, it may be because you do not have JavaScript enabled in your browser’s preferences. You can change this in your browser set up.