FCBC 48 V, 25 A

FCBC 48 V,  25 A
FCBC 48 V,  25 A FCBC 48 V,  25 A FCBC 48 V,  25 A
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Autoronica is introducing high frequency compact footprint telecom power supply also called as Float cum Boost Charger or FCBC. They are widely used Telecom application. This SMPS Power Supply has very High Efficiency (> 90 %), near Unity Power Factor (>0.98) and small footprint with highest reliability. 



  • Charging cost less than 25% compared to conventional chargers.
  • Input current less than 25% compared to conventional chargers.
  • Battery MCB provided for Battery reverse polarity protection.
  • Automatic refreshing charge ensures battery remains in full charged condition.


Salient Features:

  • Current Limitation
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Short Circuit Proof
  • Charge Monitoring LED
  • Charge Termination
  • Analog Controller (Optional Microprocessor Controller)
  • Incorporating the latest technology these high frequency chargers are the ideal choice to recharge batteries on small electric vehicles, cleaning machine and pallet trucks.
  • Suitable for flooded or value regulated blocks and batteries the design ensures reliability, safety, easy of use and optional charging.
  • Switch Mode Design: Using High Frequency Technology the size & weight of these highly efficient chargers has reduced and above all manufacturing, handling, transportation and installing them has become very easy.
  • Easy to use: Charge parameters adjust automatically with the battery state of charge. In case of reverse polarity connection of DC output, there is internal protection to ensure the charge is not damaged.
  • Flexibility: Different charging regimes are given for Flooded, Gel or Low Maintenance batteries.

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