Constant Voltage Transformer

Constant Voltage Transformer
Constant Voltage Transformer Constant Voltage Transformer
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Autoronica's constant voltage transformer [cvt] is the only remedy to overcome hazardous consequences of brown-outs, sags, surges, spikes and in general all emi / rfi disturbances. The ac mains powers the input winding which is widely separated physically from the isolated output winding. The input winding normally runs at very moderate flux linkage levels. The output winding exhibits an intrinsic energy storage characteristic in conjuntion with the mains capacitor, and this energy storage produces a self-generated ac flux field which is indirectly excited from the input winding. The result: instantaneous voltage regulation. No effect of input transient and spikes on the output. Sinusoidal output waveform. A perfect answer and remedy for all types of electronic equipment.

salient features :


  • elegant & sturdy in construction.
  • totally digital ic controlled design.
  • no effect on system power factor
  • accepts wide variations at input ac. (from 160v ac)
  • higher over load capabilities for high starting & regenerative currents repeated frequently in cnc machines.
  • high reliability, ease of maintenance and energy saving.
  • precision output
  • galvanically isolated
  • high efficieincy (>87%)


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