Automatic Voltage Stablizer 4 KVA (90 V)

Automatic Voltage Stablizer 4 KVA (90 V)
Automatic Voltage Stablizer 4 KVA (90 V) Automatic Voltage Stablizer 4 KVA (90 V)
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Automatic Voltage Stabilizer  (also called as Automatic Line Voltage Corrector) is Wall Mount design (Model: Beta) and is able to provide trouble free service for years to come. These Stabilizers incorporate copper wound transformers manufactured using Torroidal core and with their unique features not only give an upper edge to the user in terms of quality but also provide conditional electrical safety to all appliances connected to it. These Voltage Stabilizers are intended for use on different applications like Air Conditioning Units, Refrigeration, Lighting Loads, Telecommunication Machines and Process Control Machines etc. These Voltage Stabilizers when encounter erratic / normal AC Mains Supply as input; regulates this input to provide a stable Output Supply between 200 to 240 V.

 Salient Features:

  • Elegant & Sturdy in construction.
  • Totally Digital IC controlled design.
  • No effect on system power factor ·
  • Accepts wide variations at input AC (From 90V AC)·
  • High efficiency-typically 95 %·
  • Higher over load capabilities for high starting & regenerative currents repeated frequently in CNC machines.
  • High reliability, Ease of maintenance and energy saving High reliability, Ease of maintenance and energy saving.
KVA Rating 4 KVA
Input Voltage Range AC 90 V ~ 280 V
Input Frequency Range 50 Hz ± 5%
Input Phase Single Phase
Output Power (VA) 4000 VA
Output Voltage AC 200 V ~ 240 V
Output Frequency 50 Hz
Output Phase Single
Regulation Better than ± 10 %
Wave Form Distortion No effect of load
Cooling Natural
Front Panel Controls Voltmeter, Ammeter (Optional), Selector switch for Input & Output Voltage.
Ambient Temperature 0⁰to 45⁰ C
Relative Humidity 95 % Maximum (Non Condensing)
Environment Designed for indoor tropical use. Withstands temperature above 500 C
Rear Panel Terminals Mounting Grooves
Standards Conforming Conforming to IS : 8448
Manufacturing Standard ISO 9001 Quality Management System followed.

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